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33 years in the construction industry. We install Modular and Manufactured Home. As well as Restoration. Roofing, Siding, Remodels and Insurance work. We are uniquely qualified to handle structural Foundation issues and homes that are settling outside of acceptable limits.

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Home Installation

Extensive background in installing Manufactured H.U.D and Modular I.R.C homes. We specialize in all sets including Dirt n Skirts, Traditional Foundation, Pressure Treated Foundations, Pits Sets, Partial and Full Basements as well as Crane sets.


Professional Water & Mold Inspections, Flood Mitigation & Extraction, Fire & Smoke Restoration, Mold Removal, Relevel and Structural support during rebuilding

Structure Moving

We can move Bully Barns, Sheds up to 16’ wide by 20’ long. Small outbuildings and cabins as well as tiny homes and other non traditional structures. We’ve moved Shops, Garages and tack buildings.

About REBorn & Son's

We are a family owned business with more than 33 years of experience. A Father, 3 son’s and a Brother we are all Born and raised right here in Idaho. Our home is Idaho with strong Idaho values. I’ve instilled in my sons “do it right the first time” now of course that doesn’t always happen but it’s what we strive for and we take a lot of pride in the jobs we’ve done.

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Our Process

The modular construction process means that a home is built in pieces or modules offsite and then delivered to a home site. The modules then have to be installed on a foundation. This process is known in the industry as a “house set”. A house set for a less complex home can be completed in less than a day. A house set for a more complex home with multiple modules and multiple roof lines can last for several days or a week. The objective of the house set is to have the home assembled on the foundation and to have the roof completed and weathered in.

Step 1

The home is delivered on carriers or frames to the home site with large trucks called toters. The site has to be prepared ahead of time to position the modules in the correct locations for the crane or setup crew to be able to pick them off of the carriers and place them on the foundation.

Step 2

A modular home is built on jigs in a factory and is delivered square. Unless the foundation is an engineered foundation the foundation is built on site and susceptible to field conditions. The first module typically takes the longest to set. The positioning of every other module after the first one is dependent on how accurately the first module was placed.

Step 3

Once all of the modules are on the foundation, the set crew will set the roof. Most modular homes consist of a hinged roof system that can be augmented with panels or a-frame. A panel is an independent structure that can be used to “fill in” pieces of the roof that couldn’t be built into the hinged roof system.When a home is delivered, homeowners/observers can’t see the roof.

Step 4

The modular setup is completed once the home’s modules are on the foundation, the roof is raised and completed, and site attachments are done. Once setup is complete the home is turned over to finish crews to do the interior sheet rock, tape, texture, paint, trim and carpet laying. Within a week or so the home is ready to move in.

Why REBorn & Son's?

We have the best equipment in the industry
33 years of experience
Pride in every job we do
Reputation of Quality and Value
We still believe our word means something
There truly is no one better

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Had a new roof installed. They were very professional. They made sure everything was installed up to code. Repair was done very quickly. I would recommend them to anyone looking for any repair issues they may have."

"These guys are amazing ! Fantastic job installing modular home. Extremely happy 😊"

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